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  • S1 Basic milling unit complete


    Improved technology

    The proven S1 milling unit for milling, surveying, transferring or blocking out has been developed further, and its improved features now ensure even better working results.

    Highlight of the new S1 Basic milling unit is its improved ergonomics with the heightened base and the lengthened grip of the milling spindle. For even more working convenience, it is possible to connect a foot switch to the control unit.

    Utmost precision

    Another special feature is the optional LED light head with lengthened grip for stress-free working. Other reliable features are the double-jointed arm for unrestricted flexibility and the ball bearing guides for highest precision during drilling.

    Scope of delivery:

    S1 Basic unit, S1 Basic milling spindle, Q Basic control unit, model table

  • S2 Basic milling unit complete


    Safe and perfect millings

    With the new S2 Profi, we succeeded in combining high quality and practical parts with a compact and state-of-the-art design.…

    It ranks between the S1 Basic and the S3 Master thanks to its more sophisticated technical features and showcases a genuine all-round milling device.

    The extremely solid construction of the milling arm and column prevents any vibrations and thus enables best milling results.

    For more work comfort, the model table can be fixed on the milling table by the push of a button.

    Your benefits

    • Powerful milling spindle with the highest level of stability
    • LED light head for optimal illumination
    • Magnetic fixation for model table
    • Extremely stable design for vibration-free milling
    • Ceramic milling set for wet turbine grinding optionally available

    Scope of delivery:

    S2 Profi milling unit, S2 Profi milling spindle with light head

    Model table is not included

  • Q Basic Slim handpiece


    All over the world

    More than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of brushless handpieces speak for themselves.

    As early as 1982, Schick, with the then CN series, laid the foundation for today's globally standardized handpiece technology for dental technicians.

    The consistent further development led to the C-Master series, which has been tried and tested over many years.

    C Master handpiece

    C2 and C3 Master replacement handpieces are still available upon request. For the deleted C1 Master, we are offering the new Q Basic Slim. It can be operated by the C1 control unit via adapter cable.

  • S3 Master milling unit...


    The number 1

    Beside the newest technical standard, the ergonomics are in the focus of the S3 Master. Optimal milling results are achieved by relaxed and stress free working.

    3D milling cutter

    • Magnetic voltage lockable via foot switch
    • Easily resume from previous positions
    • Maximum precision and mobility due to ball guides
    • 25 mm drilling stroke


    • Flexible connection allows arbitrary positioning and supports personal, ergonomically optimal work
    • All settings can be easily viewed and controlled during the work process

    Height adjustable

    Height-adjustable milling table, constant working and viewing height also with different height of the milling models, magnetic tension for model table, adjusting ring for height stop.

    Scope of delivery:

    S3 Master milling unit, S3 Master milling spindle with light head, footswitch magnetic control, footswitch motor on/off

    Model table is not included

  • Riveting hammer QUBE


    Universal and flexible

    It is ideally suited for the detachment of telescopes and cones, as well as broken attachment parts.

    Due to the oscillations generated in the attachment part, the primary part and the secondary part can be separated without damaging the sensitive edge zone.

    Your benefits

    • Quick and easy to handle
    • Robust construction
    • Tempered ram, will not distort
    • Lifetime-lubricated ball bearing
    • For 2.35 mm diameter chucks
    • To be used with nearly all micromotors


    See user video on:


  • Q Mobile


    Q Mobile - Optimized performance

    The newly developed Q Mobile from Schick unites for the first time two worlds:

    • unlimited mobility through socket independence and
    • the precision of a high performance motor.…

    With a speed range of 3,000 - 30,000 rpm and a power of 5.5 Ncm, Q Mobile copes effortlessly and reliably with all work for use away from the dental workstation.


    The Q Mobile Battery Handpiece is the ideal solution for all applications away from the dental workstation. Thanks to its modularity, Q Mobile is extremely versatile. So Q Mobile can be used as a compact unit, or can be used as a belt device by means of connecting cable.

  • QUBE Assist - Knee control...


    QUBE Assist - Knee control complete

    Changing of the tools without strain

    QUBE Assist is the result of persistently searching for innovative solutions for dental workstations. For the first time, QUBE Assist allows time and effort-saving changing of tools in just one move.…

    Pneumatic tool clamping is the core of the technology. It replaces present manual operation and enables an extremely fast changing of tools without strain.

    Improved work convenience

    With sometimes several hundreds of tool changes every working day, QUBE Assist improves the workflow considerably. It also avoids constant strain on the sensitive hand anatomy.

    See user video on: 


    Your benefits

    • Cost reduction due to the time needed for tool exchange
    • Relaxed working through strain relief of the wrists
    • Individual control with the innovative operating satellite (revolutions, torque, speed control, right /left rotation, time,thermometer)
    • Integrated connection for the electric wax knife from Schick

  • Handpiece for left hand use


    Working without limitation

    With the specially developed laboratory handpiece for the left-handed Schick Dental is demonstrating once again its innovation power.

    Due to of the special left-handed settings enormous power with no limits in overspeed are available.

    In addition, the direction of rotation is changed to counterclockwise rotation due to the special motor cable. Accordingly, the anti-clockwise handpiece can be easily operated on all controllers.

    The special Soft-Grip surface and the smooth operation are additional plus points.

    Control units

    You can attach this laboratory handpiece for the left-handed to all recent Schick control units. Please take care that you are using only the appropriate special left-handed tools and burs.

    Note: If the handpiece 9200/08 is operated on a control unit with left / right-hand switching, then it must be left in clockwise (righthand) direction since the direction of rotation

    Scope of delivery:

    handpiece with cable, chuck key, counterstay wrench 

  • Electric wax knife


    Electric wax knife

    The electric wax knife with its sophisticated and ergonomic design is connectable to all QUBE control units.…

    Additionally Schick Dental presents a compact programme of modelling waxes which are a perfect base for modelling work in the laboratory.

    The intelligent design of the wax knife and the rack is enabling an easy tool-free replacement of the modelling instruments during ongoing operation.

    Your benefits

    • Cost reduction due to the time needed for tool exchange
    • Relaxed working through strain relief of the wrists
    • Individual control with the innovative operating satellite (revolutions, torque, speed control, right /left rotation, time,thermometer)
    • Integrated connection for the electric wax knife from Schick

  • Q motor with ISO coupling...


    The motor with ISO connection allows the use of dental handpieces and angle pieces on the powerful Schick control units.

    Both handpieces and angled handpieces can be placed with or without optical fibers.

    Control units

    The ISO-motor is suitable for all Schick control units as well as the C controls via adapter cable.